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Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Band, One Sound

One Band, One Sound

If you are looking for an entertaining movie with a powerful leadership message, I would like to suggest "Drumline" . For those of you have been in a “corp” you will immediately identify with the characters, but if you are simply looking for a powerful message about leadership and “followership”, invest the two hours.

The line, One Band, One Sound, comes during a “counseling’ session between the Director and the key characters. It is such a poignant phrase, I am using it as the title for my first-ever blog.

Being a CEO is much like being the Director of an orchestra or band. Every Director I have played for is a very strong individual, with a clear understanding of his role/responsibility/authority and often marches to a different drummer. (Heh, I had to throw that one in.)

CEO’s are cut from the same cloth. They are in charge; they have, in their mind, a clear understanding about what the organization should look like and how it should operate. That is why is was so surprising to come across a video that adds a unique twist to the One Band, One Sound theme.

What message does this send to you? Don’t drink and play? That is one good lesson!

How about the fact that every organization has limited resources and to make the most of those resources it is critical for the leader to recruit the most talented professionals? Remember: First class leaders hire first class staff; second-class leaders hire third-class staff!

Just a thought for the day, July 30, 2009.

We will build on the One Band, One Sound theme in later blogs.

Have a great day.

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